SuperStart Practice Gate

RACEPRO USA SuperStart Practice Gate

The Holeshot is one of the most important aspects of motocross racing. How do you get better at Racing Starts? Practice, practice, practice.

RacePro USA SuperStart Race Gate is designed specifically for practicing in real world circumstances.

It’s excellent for beginner racers, mini racers, pro racers, ATV racers and more.

If you have a son or daughter who is just starting to race minis, our gate is a must have. You cannot expect a new rider to learn the correct starting technique without being behind a practice gate.


Learning the “basics of the start” will help them immensely and give them the experience they require to compete safely. Do them a favor and invest in a product that will really benefit their racing abilities.
Jeff Conboy

In order to set the drop timing of the gate there are two electronic relays. Each timer can be set for between 0 – 30

SuperStart Control Panel

seconds. The first timer allows a single racer to get behind the gate after lifting into place. The control panel will show a red light, when it switches to the green light, the second timer will drop the gate based on where the timer is set.

The best option is to have a friend set the timer for you and drop the gate. This will allow you to truly focus and concentrate on your upcoming start. The mental practice is invaluable.

The SuperStart Gate timer uses a 7.2 amp rechargeable battery. You can easily get 50 or more starts from a single charge.

Fast NESC Vet Pro Mike Treadwell testing the RacePro USA Prototype SuperStart Practice Gate with us here in Connecticut.



Karlie Hunt MSC mini Ace with our new SuperStart Electronic gate….Karlie races MSC NY Minis and is a threat to be reckoned with…Thank you Karlie!


  • Custom Built
  • Heavy Duty/Light Weight
  • Full Size Gate
  • T6061 Aluminum Construction
  • Weight 20lbs
  • 2 Electronic Relays
  • Linkable Additional Gates
  • Made in the USA

 Half the weight – Double the coolness! Be ready for hot starts this racing season.

NEW! Manually triggered gate.

Have your trainer release the gate with the supplied cable. This gate is linkable for two or more racers.

Built with the same tough materials and quality of our electronic gate. Get yours today!





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