Thermaflect Cloth

Thermaflect ClothThermaflect Cloth is a heat shield for the bottom of your fuel tank, air box, fairings, and seat bottom. It prevents your fuel from boiling, stops pre-ignition, prevents critical components of your fuel from evaporating, and prevents vapor lock. This helps to keep your bike performance as crisp as it was when you started the race. You should also use this as a heat shield on your air box, to lower air intake temperatures by shielding radiant heat from your exhaust and shock; this will further improve the efficiency of your motor and create more horsepower. Thermaflect Cloth can also be used as a fairing heat shield, helping to prevent them from melting and ruining paint. It can also be used as a heat shield for the bottom of your seat on your custom cruiser. Thermaflect Cloth in addition to a high mirror finish, it weighs 50% less than similar products. Face the aluminized side toward the source of radiant heat (we recommend a minimum 1” of airspace) to shield heat away. This product withstands 1100F of radiant heat and up to 450F of direct heat. It cuts easily with a pair of scissors, and the high temperature peel and stick adhesive will stick to any clean surface. Bulk rolls of this heat shield cloth are available.

  • Continuous operating reflective temperature of 1100F, 2000F intermittent
  • Capable of reducing up to 90 percent of radiant heat
  • Lowers fuel temperature by as much as 10F
  • Weighs half as much as similar products
  • Keeps fuel’s chemical balance in tact
  • Adhesive sticks most clean surfaces-not recommended for rough/unfinished fiberglass
  • Capable of reducing up to 90 percent of radiant heat
  • Bulk rolls and custom widths available, minimums apply
  • Caution this material is electrically conductive; be sure to insulate any terminals that might come in contact with this product
  • Always wear safety glasses, dust mask, gloves and long sleeves are recommended when handling this product.
  • Made in the USA

Please note: It is not advised to pressure wash Thermaflect Cloth. Using Cool Foil Tape to protect the edges will help reduce the amount of damage pressure washing will do to this product.

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