Lava Shield Mat

Lava Shield MatDon’t be tricked by the fool’s gold! This outperforms that gold foil vinyl sticker stuff by reflecting 60% more radiant heat. Made from crushed volcanic rock, our Lava Shield Mat has all the same benefits as our HP Heatshield Mat with that trick carbon fiber look! This radiant heat shield can be used to protect your fuel tank, preventing fuel from boiling, and reducing vapor lock. You can also use this as a heat shield on your air box, to lower air intake temperatures than will improve the efficiency of your motor and create more horsepower. Lava Shield Mat can also be used as a fairing heat shield, helping to prevent them from melting and ruining paint. Face the aluminized side toward the source of radiant heat to shield heat away from fairing. This product withstands 1200F continuous and 1800F intermittent.

Lava Shield Mat is asbestos free, and will not delaminate like some aluminized fiberglass cloths after getting wet.

  • Continuous operating temperature of 1200F, 2000F intermittent
  • Capable of reducing up to 80% of radiant heat
  • Adhesive sticks most clean surfaces-not recommended for rough/unfinished fiberglass
  • Helps shield gas tanks, farings, air boxes and more
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