HP Racer’s Tape

HP Racer's TapeHP Racer’s Tape™ is a self-emulsifying silicone tape that provides rugged heat protection up to 450°F. Wrap up your wire loom or fuel and shield it from heat damage. HP Racer’s Tape™ can even be used to temporarily fix holes in radiator hoses, lines, etc. for a quick roadside or pit repair. This silicone tape reduces and helps to dissipate radiant heat. Using the guide line to wrap, the tape will stick to itself forming a bond that can only be cut with a knife. The tape does not harden; it remains flexible but will not unravel. Master rolls available.

  • Rated for 450°F continuous use, 600°F intermittent.
  • Reflects and dissipates heat
  • Protects wire looms, fuel lines, without disassembly
  • Guide line for easy installation
Order HP Racer's Tape Black Silicone 1" x 12' Roll @ $32.15