Armor Exhaust Heat Shield

Armor Exhaust Heat ShieldTired of your wrap fraying every time you take your bike off road? Wrap up your heat problems, with our Heatshield Armor. This rugged It keeps heat in the exhaust system which creates a scavenging effect, allowing exhaust gases to flow out of the system faster. It also prevents radiant heat damage to other components. Heatshield Armor™ can reduce radiant heat from your exhaust pipe by 60%. The outer armor of this exhaust heat shield allows it to be cleaned after installation, gives it a long lifespan, and also makes Heatshield Armor™ resistant to the elements. The inner ceramic liner makes it capable of withstanding 1800°F continuous, which allows this heat shield to be placed directly on headers, turbo manifolds, down pipes, and exhaust pipes. It is flexible, easy to cut and install.

  • Continuous operating temperature of 1800°F, 2200°F intermittent
  • Reduces radiant heat by 60%
  • 0.003” thick armor layers, can be cleaned after installation
  • Simple installation, install in minutes
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