About Race Pro

RACEPRO USA was started in 2006 from our love for racing. We strive at making new innovations that will help the racer on the track and off and take pride in seeking the solutions to enhance a riders capability to reach his/her racing goals. Being around motocross and motorsports racing for 30 plus years (and being a former pro rider/technician himself), RACEPRO USA’s owner has vast experience with racing machinery, racers and the technical performance necessities of motorsports competition. A racing program will greatly improve when the little details for top performance are sought out and utilized.

All the products that are offered to our customers are tested by real racers and factory teams. That “real world” racing input assists us in continuing to produce innovative and fresh new ideas for the racing market . We know what it takes to win and will continue working on new products. …. RACEPRO USA is driven by our racers for whom we will continue to offer quality performance accessories to help them gain and maintain that championship edge. We Love Racing!