Robby Marshall’s TSM/Sikkshades/Racepro USA supported KTM 250 at restTSM Unadilla MarshallDon’t miss the Unadilla/Built Ford Tough MX National at New Berlin NY Aug.10th!….On the agenda for everyone, and adding some excitement to the day is the TSM/SikkShades 250 2-stroke KTM team aiming to get a  2-stroke back in the 450cc class mix! …It a tough deal but they have some strong riders and very fast 250cc bikes to back it up……and of course the best equipment to use!….

Don’t think for a minute that pros and teams in the know go to the start with over 60 degree fuel in their tanks…TSM and many others including JGRMX, take the start very serious and have all their bases covered including the the race day fuel prep (which is handled by our Cool Fuel Jackets back in the pits).

Along with many other factory based teams and privateers, our fuel jackets are now providing a means to get the most power from your fuel and to ensure the additives in that fuel, (whether it be race fuel or pump fuel) are stable in any climate conditions. Inexpensive fuel insurance lets say, for the most from your racing engine! 

Let the Holeshots begin!

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