Stay Cool Racing Tips…

Before you go to the races it is a wise idea to make sure all your money spent and all that  effort involved will add up to great finish and a fun day! Many riders, maybe just starting out, or seasoned vets and pros forget about a very important part of their high tech racing machines….The gasoline!  Yes, that expensive petroleum fluid that makes your bike rip IS important!

Do you buy your race gas from a.. gas station?

Whether it be really expensive racing fuel or just really expensive kinda junky fuel from a local gas station (heaven forbid), the correct fuel temperature will make a difference in the performance of your bike when starting the race!

Walkin’ around the pits at a local or pro race brings to “light” some very interesting sights, some gas jugs sitting in direct sunlight! 100+ degrees!  Yikes! ….Lets talk fuel prep here for a minute in simple terms (KISS…KeepItSimpleStupid… like in the military).

You all know that excessive heat in your racing engine is not good (especially 4-strokes which generate super high eng. temps anyway) and the same goes for the fuel entering your engine. The gas that is in your container if excessively hot will cause evaporation of some light additives faster then normal and can cause detonation problems, vapor lock, and a loss in overall engine performance.

So what’s the best solution without making this complicated?


This gas can was left in the sun. It has expanded and is in danger of blowing up.

Keep your fuel in a cool place when not in use at home, OR at the track!

Always insulate the lower portion of your fuel tank and use a Staging Shield in staging!

Do not leave your fuel container in direct sunlight for any length of time!

Remember to keep your gasoline cool at the races ! Fuel intake charge IS denser at cool temps. More bang for your buck… so to speak. Fuel inside the plastic or metal container can reach 100+ degrees in the sun…which is not good for starting line performance! Like you, your bike likes cool fuel down its intake. Ever drink 95 degree Gatorade before your start?.. Probably not…. Your bike does not like 95 degree gasoline!

Cover your bases…Factory teams and riders in the know always follow this simple procedure when at the races. They want the best performance from their equipment!

Keeping gasoline at 50-65 degrees is good…Overheated gas is not!

When rippin’ up the track. Add this simple but IMPORTANT racing tip to your routine and win some races on your 2 or 4 stroke.

The Cool Fuel advantage is well…Cool……

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